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Influencer Marketing/Management



Influencer marketing is quickly proving itself as one of the best ways to reach a targeted audience and drive serious business results. Teaming up with the right influencer means that you are getting someone who has an established voice in your market saying that you are "cool". Social media marketing has opened up a whole new world for companies to advertise. It is the modern day celebrity endorsing a big commercial. When working with an influencer you are not just buying advertising space but credibility.  JAC Digital places brands on top influencers; curates the right influencer for each brand, and makes the connections and is constantly updating lists. JAC Digital can help you navigate the ever changing marketing space.



  • Manage all brand deals 

  • Curate a list of brands that would be perfect for you

  • Create a press deck to send to brands that shows your impressions, reach, avg likes, followers, etc

  • Help you come up with pricing that is relevant and competitive 

  • Handle all the collaboration such aspects such as coming up with ideas, timelines, scope, rate, invoicing, contracts, etc

  • Negotiate with brands





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