Make the Algorithm & The Feed Your Friend

We all know that Instagram is always changing but one thing to keep up with is the algorithm, because when you make that your friend it invites many new friends to follow and keep up with your content.

If there is one thing you take away from this newsletter, let it be this statistic ⬇️⬇️⬇️

“80% of your content should ignite passion, inspire, cultivate community & spark an emotional connection with viewers. 20% of it should be called to actions, selling things, and promotions.”

This is one key element to a feed that will help to create an esthetically and emotionally connect with IG followers.

Now, if you’re excited about that, let’s talk about 4 more tips that will make you BFFS with the algorithm because being friends with them means making more and more friendships across IG.

4 Tips to Become BFF’S With The Algorithm

  1. Slide in the DM’s

The more people who like your message or interact with your post the better friends you become with the algorithm AND get a chance to create a rapport with the person you thought would enjoy your post.

  1. Add Alt Text to New Instagram Posts

You can do this for people who want a visual description with the post. All you have to do is tap on the advanced settings option on the upload screen. Then tap on the Write Alt Text section to access the screen to add your text. On the next screen, you see the image you're tagging and a text box where you can write your alt text description. This is a great way to take your friendship with the algorithm to the next step and really see the boost it gives your posts.

  1. Tagging

Tagging fan accounts, larger accounts that feature posts similar to yours, or people/products you’re referring to in the caption will help boost your posts reach and engagement.

  1. Posting Your Post In Stories

Showing people how easy it is to get the answer to a question, find value, be inspired or join a community by posting your post in stories is a great way to let them see what you have to offer with a simple click.

So, keep all of these in mind and watch to see the shift in your account engagement and reach when they start being used in a strategic and consistent way!

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