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Social Media can be intimidating, frustrating and overwhelming.  JAC Digital can help you understand what to post, where to post, how to post, and when to post.


I am offering 1 hour sessions for $150 an hour where you can ask me anything about your social media.


I will help guide you in the right direction using specific social media strategies.


Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • How to have a clear call to action

  •  How to use hashtags

  •  How to find your audience

  • What your bio should look like

  • How to get more followers

I had a consultation call with Jordanna about how to improve my instagram page @feedingourtoddlers, and in just the hour phone call we had, I learned SO much from her! I really loved that she had this type of service available. Having a consult call with some clear action steps is just what I needed, I'm already seeing improvements.


- Michelle Lockhart @feedingourtoddlers

I recently had a consultation with Jordanna to help me to better understand how to use Instagram effectively for my business. Jordanna was extremely helpful! She helped me to better understand the dos and dont's of Instagram posts, how to make simple changes to my account to increase engagement and reach, and how to devise a strategy that fits with my business goals. I highly recommend Jordanna for anyone who is new to content marketing and looking to use Instagram as a marketing tool. 

- Brooke Wachtler  @bewtraining 

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