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Our Services

We can create a unique marketing package, tailored to your needs.


Social Media

  • Organize and oversee posting on all platforms.

  • Write effective copy. 

  • Thoughtfully curate visual branding.

  • Effective DM and engagement strategies.

  • Optimize posting times and hashtag use.

  • Nurture organic growth on your page.

  • Post daily stories.


Graphic Design

  • We create a wide variety of visually striking graphics for social media, including logos, feed posts, stories and highlights. 

  • We can create any digital marketing materials you may need, including pamphlets, newsletters, business cards, and more. 


Copy Writing

  • Newsletters

  • Blog Posts

  • Social Media Captions

  • Email Campaigns


Influencer Marketing

  • We work with both brands and influencers to create marketing campaigns. 


Paid Media

  • We optimize your marketing budgeting by finding the right campaign and audience for you

  • **Only offered with organic social content creation.


Photoshoot Logistics

  • We help plan and creatively direct brand photoshoots in the Michigan area. 

Influencer Marketing
A Deeper Dive

Influencer marketing is essential in a world where consumers are becoming advertising-fatigued; people simply block out advertising if it is obviously presented as one.


By funding sponsored posts, brands utilize established and trusted voices within their target audience to deliver messages about their brand. 


JAC Digital expertly matches brands with the right influencers. This is done through working on the influencer and brand side

Influencer Marketing

  • Manage all communication with brands

  • Curate a list of brands that suit your niche.

  • Create a press deck to send to brands that shows your impressions, reach, avg likes, followers, etc

  • Collaboratively negotiate pricing that is appropriate and competitive.

  • Manage all aspects of brand deals, including writing posts, timelines, scope, rate, invoicing, contracts, etc.

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