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Kristin McGee

Jordanna is the most helpful ever when it comes to navigating social media. I am so happy I discovered her a few years ago to really help me improve my social media presence! She is always available, super supportive, creative, kind, and honest. I can't recommend her enough!

Tori Cohen

Jordanna is a master of her craft; I have seen a significant follower and engagement increase since I started working with her and I am now getting partnership deals I would have had no chance at without her. As a business owner, there are so many hours in the day and working with Jordanna makes it so that my social media is something I need to get done but not something I need to plan for. She is very clear in her direction and let me know from the beginning that I would get out of it what I put into it. I can't thank Jordanna enough, she has my highest recommendation.

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Pamela Pekerman

Jordanna is a subject matter expert in Instagram and has helped me grow my community from 2.5k to 18k in less than two years. While some promise higher growth rates, the truth is, when you grow organically, you retain loyal and engaged followers. Jordanna is also a valuable asset in helping refine whom you wish to be in your community.  She’s become a trusted member of my team, and I’ve be delighted to successfully refer her to numerous entrepreneurs.

Sabina Hitchens

I was trying to figure out where my followers came from this morning and I realized that somebody was posting about my Instagram feed in an Etsy community. This is a huge compliment to the work we've been doing together! It is what social media work should be, authentic but still with a call to action, and you were able to blend my voice with a strategic marketing plan and it's showing!

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Trae Bodge

Not only have they helped to grow my following and
increase my engagement on Instagram, but each week,
they present ideas and suggestions, which help to keep my
creative juices flowing while relieving some of the
pressure I feel to constantly create fresh content on my
own. They also handle the lion's share of the posting,
which frees me up to attend to the other aspects of my

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