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Social media is at an all-time high user rate right now. Since the pandemic began people have been using social media platform apps almost 50% more than usual and between Facebook and Instagram they have seen over 45,000+ new users since the pandemic began.

Here are five tips and tricks to focus us.

#1. Demographics

We are focusing on what your specific ideal demographic is, and really tuning in to them, what they post about, what kind of things they want to see, what topics of interest are the most popular within the demographic, and using that to leverage further engagement and growth on your account.

#2. Comment Specifics

We have been taking the time to curate specific comments that are in line with your voice, and that is created strategically with proper words, statements, and length in order to create meaningful engagement with other accounts to in turn help grow your account and engagement. We also feel it is very important when answering comments to ask a question to keep the conversation going.

#3. Content Buckets

We have been creating "Content Buckets" that consist of 3-9 main themes/points and topics that are relevant and do well for your account to make the most authentic, original, and entertaining content for you, and your audience.

#4. More than 10%

Instagram only shows your content to10% of your audience. So kindly reminding people to save, share, and comment on your posts by using some enticing call to actions at the end of posts and video stories can help boost your account in the algorithm.

#5. Get to Know The Followers You Have

Don't focus on gaining followers, get to know the ones you have! We’ve talked about creating great content, but you can't do that if you don’t know who you’re creating for. Using polls, question stickers, and quizzes in stories help us understand and get to know your current audience better in order to gain growth. If you have 80k followers but only get 20 comments that is not great engagement and this is why we focus on engagement before growth,

Our last little engagement secret is!!!

Comment on accounts that you follow, and ones that you don't as well as respond to any pre-existing comments you have not answered 3-7 minutes before your post goes up and 3-7 minutes after.

**The more meaningful the comment, the better the reaction and engagement will be.

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