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Cultivate Meaningful Relationships On Instagram

Just because this month is all about Halloween & is filled with everything spooky and scary, doesn’t mean engagement should be.

With the algorithm doing another recent update, we wanted to give you the inside scoop on some great engagement tips. 

Follow these tips to help cultivate meaningful relationships, grow your audience, and fast track all your social media goals. 

TIP #1:  Superlikes! The new magic power on IG is saving posts. So remember to include subliminal messaging in your posts to encourage viewers to start a collection, or even let them know if they want to see more of your content to save your post for later!  

TIP #2: Sharing your post as much as possible! Encourage your friends, followers, and POD members to share your posts with their followers and friends to increase your engagement and traction with growth on your account.  

TIP #3: DM’s are just as important! When you have a new follower be sure to take the time to reach out, thank them for being there, and let them know the information and/or resources you offer on your account. This will help give the credibility of your posts and boost engagement from all of your followers. Never underestimate the power of networking, it’s a real and powerful thing! 

TIP #4: Don’t be afraid of change! Instagram is rolling out a ton of features, moving stuff around, and introducing new ways of getting your content out. Embrace it! Try a reel, look into the IG shop button, and explore all aspects of the platform. Just by checking out & participating in these IG features your name and account get automatically boosted in the algorithm allowing more people to see you! 

TIP #5: Switch up your captions. Posting short captions all the time or long captions all the time will only work for so long. In the new algorithm update, it’s important to continue to vary your character count and mix up caption length to keep the algorithm your friend and your followers interested.

Try these tips out & keep an eye on your engagement as it starts to grow in ways you didn’t see before!


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