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Dive deep into increasing engagement, content creation and Instagram bio's!

#1. Increasing Your Engagement

Editing your photo in the IG app will allow Instagram to favor your post in the algorithm and it will do better on the feed. Even if you edit the photo in IG by 2% so that it is not even noticeable, it will still help. Another key component of engagement is comments! We all know the end of likes on IG is coming and that makes commenting this much more important! Plus, when you comment on someone's post they are 2x more likely to engage with your account than if you just like a picture.

#2. Content Creation

Diversifying your content is key! Don't stick to one thing, no one likes a feed full of selfies so balance is important. One thing to help ensure you have a balance between photos and the content copy is setting up 9 categories for your account/brand. These 9 categories for your account should be a guide to stick to every time you post.

#3. Instagram Bio's

There are 4 key things to include in your Instagram bio:

1. Optimize your name! Make your account searchable by adding a keyword that has to do with your brand.

2. Share your mission! Your bio should be a short mission statement that answers who your page is for and what do you do.

3. Prove Yourself! Brag a little and build authority by proving you can do what you claimed. This could be any press exposure or grand achievements.

*NOTE: If you don't have a huge achievement to brag about yet share the value you bring or a fun fact.

4. Call to Action: Whether it is to shop my outfits, check out my blog, sign up for my newsletter there should always be a call to action to get people engaged with your link in bio!

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