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Instagram has introduced reels and they are the newest & most popular feature on IG lately. 

Here are some things to know about them, how they work, and why you should use them. 

How They Work

  • Make sure your IG app is up to date to get the Reels feature. 

  • You can create a reel by opening your camera in stories. 

  • There are now three choices at the bottom of the screen below the camera button: Live, stories & reels. 

  • When creating a reel you can let go of the recording button and then continue to press it again in order to create new scenes within the reel. 

  • When trying to set yourself up in the same position as you were at the end of the previous scene, simply click the align button to help you match up with where everything ended in the last scene. 

  • After you create the video click the right arrow beside the camera button and on the top right of the screen, you have the option to save just as you would from stories or posts to reels.

  • You can add music or effects just by simply pressing those buttons on the left-hand side of the screen when creating a reel. 

Things To Know About Them

  • IG Reels are built right into the app and can be anywhere from 0.1 - 15 seconds long.

  • They live in a separate tab in your IG profile but you do have the option to have a preview on the feed similar to an IGTV video.

  • You can use the effects, music, and countdown timer features to create creative short videos that entertain your followers.

  • You can see comments, likes and how many times your Reel has been played after it’s been posted

  • You can save them to your phone similar to stories and post them at a different time. 

Why Should You Use Reels? 

  • Reels are a new, unique, and trending way to show more creativity & gain more engagement on your posts and on your account.

  • It will help you and your account grow more by being discovered with the newly designed explore page. 

  • More views on your posts as Instagram is favoring Reel posts in the algorithm. 

You can see comments, likes, and how many times your Reel has been played after it’s been posted


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